Convert Local Businesses Into Paying Customers...
By Giving Stuff Away For Free!​

Convert Local Businesses
Into Paying Customers...
By Giving Stuff Away For Free!​

Want to Get $1,000 Clients Without Selling...

In Under 10 Minutes?

Want to Get $1,000 Clients Without Selling...

In Under 10 Minutes?



Includes 1 FULL Year. After 1st Year, Keep Rockin for Just $12/mo

Rockstar Special Closes In...

What Do All Businesses Want?

What Do All Businesses Want?

They Want More 

And if you’re the one who can deliver more leads to local businesses - you’ll never go hungry.

In fact, you’ll make a whole lot of money!

Finally, you can make a bold and confident offer to local business that you can deliver 200% more leads -- without SEO, paid traffic campaigns, social media, or videos.

200% more leads using their existing traffic!

AND – because it’s so damn simple, you can offer this new service to them FOR FREE as a way to prove yourself first. When it works – and it will – they will happily pay you $1,000 and more to “keep up the good work!”

The LeadSparker 2x Leads Method is

  • Step 1: Pick a high-value niche and prospect
  • All businesses want more customers, and when you can confidently deliver them with this 1 simple strategy, they will eagerly sign up and pay you.
    (Don’t worry, we will show you how easy it is... We’ve got you covered!)
  • Step 2: Set up your LeadSparker
  • LeadSparker is designed for speed! It takes just a couple of minutes of copying and pasting to get a custom LeadSparker set up for your prospect. (Since it’s so easy to create, this makes it the perfect lead magnet to entice businesses to work with you. It’s no risk for them, and it takes you hardly any time at all to create!)
  • Step 3: Get it to them and get paid!
  • When you can guarantee more leads from existing traffic, businesses will certainly pay attention. You’re not pitching them some elaborate SEO package or asking them to gamble their money on paid traffic. NO! You’re actually willing to prove yourself first! This is why LeadSparker is so effective at landing new paying clients again and again!

You get paid $1,000 or more for
under 10 minutes of “work”...

Just for...
- Creating a custom LeadSparker
- Emailing the details to high-value prospects
- Letting them “test drive” and see results



Includes 1 FULL Year. After 1st Year, Keep Rockin for Just $12/mo

price goes up In...

LeadSparker Generates Quotes In The Following Currencies...


LeadSparker Targets
These High-Value Industries...

Audio Video Pros

Cosmetic Surgeons

Deck Builders

Fence Builders

Pest Control

Pool Builders

Real Estate



Auto Repair
coming soon...
Handyman Service
coming soon...
Home Painting
Coming soon...
Coming Soon...
Coming Soon...
Coming Soon...
Coming Soon...
Carpet Cleaning
Coming Soon...
Tree Trimming
Coming Soon...
Coming Soon...

The hardest part of landing new clients is offering something that generates immediate value for your prospect.

There is no better way than to guarantee them more leads from the traffic they’re already getting.

And guess what?

Once you’re “in,” you can (and should) certainly offer them your other services as well!

This “honey” method of delivering value first builds that essential “Know – Like – Trust” that’s required for clients to want to give you money and work with you!

Ben & Dr Dan…. Thank you! I just collected my first $5,620 check! First of many baby!!! Update: I just deposited another $48,000 thanks to you guys! Happy Holidays RockStar Family!
Donathan Brafe sq2
Donathan Brafe
Cincinnati, Ohio
Collected $50,000 Paid in full. It’s sweeeeeeeeet being a RockStar. Thanks Ben, Dr Dan and all the rest of the RockStar team for helping me. In 30 days I get the first of many monthly recurring payments.
Lanre Coke
Kingston, Jamaica
Inked a $30,000 deal today using The RockStars tools. I am now at $50,000+ in the past 2 months. Now my goal is to make $100,000 per month in passive income!
Edward J Winslow
Wilton, Connecticut
Honestly, just one of the RockStar courses alone has taught me more than all the other crap courses I have bought over the years from others combined! You didn’t feed me, you taught me how to fish! I am very grateful to learn from the BEST! Thank you, Ben & Dr Dan
Loryann Ritchie smlr
Loryann Ritchie
Crown Point, Indiana
I spent years and TONS of money on other courses and trainings over the years. Ben & Dr Dans products, teachings and support resulted in game and life changing results for me! Thanks again and Y’all Rock!!!
Roy Wingate smlr
Roy Wingate
Odessa, Texas
Using what I learned from Dr Dan & Ben’s training in just a few hours I was able to turn a potential client into a paying client. They asked me if I had magical powers or what?
Norene Broyton smlr
Norene Broyton
Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

Sounds Awesome! What’s the Catch?

You’re here at the right time! When we launch to the general public very soon, LeadSparker will cost between $200 and $400 per year, and will have various limitations on the number of "Sparks" that can be created.

But since you are one of our loyal customers – and you’re already a part of the RockStar Family... you get unlimited, unrestricted, and unfettered access to LeadSparker!

That’s right!

You can create as many LeadSparks as you want ☺

This gives you limitless revenue opportunities, and unbridled prospecting ability!

Get LeadSparker Today And Get These Powerful
Business-Building Bonuses As Our Gift To You!

To ensure you get the most out of LeadSparker, as part of this special customer-only grand opening, you will also receive these special bonuses trainings, tools, and templates to super-charge your success!

  • Bonus #1: LeadSparker A to Z LIVE Coaching Workshop
    “Land Your First $1,000 Client in 30 Days or Less”

We’re hosting a “no-holds-barred” live strategy session for all grand opening buyers! This is sure to be an epic training, as we unpack EVERYTHING you need to monetize LeadSparker fast and effectively.

Not only will you walk away with a specific plan for landing your first $1,000 client in 30 days or less, we’ll show you how to leverage LeadSparker as a “tripwire” into bigger deals and more lucrative services.

$1000 VALUE!

  • Bonus #2: RockStar "Cold Email"
    Prospecting Templates

You’ll get your hands on the exact emails we send to prospects to get them to pay attention and consider our LeadSparker offer. These email templates are absolute GOLD and are so effective you’ll have to slow down in sending them because they work so well!

$750 VALUE!

  • Bonus #3: RockStar Pricing and Positioning
    Special in-House Swipe File...

Offering a service is one thing... But effectively pricing that service, and positioning that service to express its complete value is another thing. With this exclusive in-house swipe file, you’ll learn how to price your LeadSparkers for your local market, as well as create a positioning and value proposition that makes it abundantly clear to your prospects exactly why they should be working with you.You’ll get your hands on the exact emails we send to prospects to get them to pay attention and consider our LeadSparker offer.

$500 VALUE!

  • Bonus #4: RockStar Client-Closing
    Outlines and Scripting to Make it even Easier!

In case you struggle to ask for the money, we’ve got you covered once again! You’ll get the language that we use that makes this part of the transaction super simple and not at all awkward for either you or your prospect. In fact, when you leverage our complete package of tools, templates, and scripts, your prospect will likely be begging you to take their money!

$750 VALUE!

  • Bonus #5: RockStar Prospecting
    Hunting and Gathering Software

The only thing missing is who you will be offering your new service to. In typical RockStar fashion, we won’t leave you hanging! Get LeadSparker today and also receive our powerful Prospect Hunting and Gathering software that collects emails, phone numbers, and social media info for your high-value prospects. (Then use your other bonuses – the Cold Email templates, the Pricing and Positioning swipe, and the Client-Closing outlines and scripts to seal the deal!) Receive access to the same tools we use to find new leads and local business prospects so you can easily identify and target your perfect future clients.

$750 VALUE!

That's Training, Templates and Tools
Just For Trying Leadsparker Today!

Are You Ready To Get Paid $1,000
For A Few Minutes Of Work?



Includes 1 FULL Year. After 1st Year, Keep Rockin for Just $12/mo

This Grand Opening Pricing AND These 5 Exclusive Bonuses Will Disappear Very Soon,
So Don’t Delay In Locking In Your Access.

10x Your ROI Satisfaction Guarantee

You get a full 60 days to implement LeadSparker into your business. Get your hands on it, target your prospects, get your foot in the door, and get some new clients. Our goal is that you’ll make 10 times your investment in the first 60 days! But if for any reason you don’t want to keep LeadSparker, just let us know and we’ll send you an immediate refund. No questions asked.

Make 2018 Your Best Year Ever!

What are you waiting for? You’re getting first dibs on an incredibly powerful piece of software for a “sweetheart” deal.

You get to offer RESULTS FIRST, at no risk to you or your prospect.

You get to build goodwill, trust, and credibility in your local marketplace.

You get a complete package of prospecting and closing templates and tools AND the LeadSparker service that powers the whole strategy (valued at $4,000).

You get the best (and lowest) price ever.

You get the RockStar “10x Your ROI” Satisfaction Guarantee, so you’re investment today is completely risk-free.

And you get the satisfaction of getting paid $1,000 and more for just a few minutes of work!


So Grab LeadSparker RIGHT NOW!

Rock On!

Ben Littlefield and Dr. Dan Ardebili
The 2RockStars